“I’ve taken Pilates classes with Deb Grenier for over a year. Although I’ve had previous Pilates instruction, I find that Deb‘s classes suit me to a T. She challenges us with a variety of activities that demand more of us as time goes on. However, she recognizes what each of us can do and works with us at the level we’re at. Deb obviously what she does that is demonstrated in how she leads the class while at the same time, maintains her sense of humor and brings joy to the activities. I look forward each week to attending Deb‘s class.”

— June

“I have taken Pilates classes for years and I’ve been taking classes with Deb for the past year. She is the best Pilates instructor I’ve had. She gives clear, detailed instructions that allow you to visualize and perform the correct technique as you are doing the exercise. Her classes are never the same, she gets in the Pilates basics but always incorporates a new prop or routine so the class never becomes just a rote repetition. Her pacing throughout the class is excellent.  She is quick to spot when your form needs correction and provides it gently but effectively. And, all of that expertise comes wrapped in her witty and charming personality. I take Pilates classes with Deb as often as I can.”

— Maureen

“Deb and I have known each other for years. When she retired and told me she was going to be a Pilates instructor I was really happy for her. I am not in great shape and I loath exercising. Deb suggested I work with her doing Standing Pilates on-line. Why on-line? Deb lives and is in business in Connecticut; I live in New Hampshire and I am currently spending the winter in Florida. I decided to go for it. I have only been doing this for a few weeks and I feel better already. I love being able to do the sessions on-line. It is so easy and Deb’s teaching style is perfect for me. She is patient, explains why we are doing a specific movement and what the results should be. Keep up the good work Deb.”

— Ann

“After a year of Pilates with Deb; I am stronger, leaner and more flexible. I have a better understanding of my muscles, my posture and my body’s alignment. I can’t say enough about Deb’s teaching style. She is attentive supportive and always able to make accommodations for whatever it is the individuals in her class need on any give day.”

— Mary

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